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Apart for my popular one-on-one and couples counselling services, I also offer the following.

Ear acupuncture

As a NADA-certified auricular acupuncturist, I offer ear acupuncture too. Regular treatments of ear acupuncture can help clear your mind, build energy and give you a sense of wellbeing. People receiving the treatment have commented on the peaceful, calming and empowering effects from it, helping them reduce anxiety and improve sleep. The general effect is to aid the body in balancing itself in order to maintain health and wellbeing. How does it work? The treatment prompts the release of natural chemicals in your body, including endorphins, which reduce anxiety, stress and increase relaxation.

Open-ended, long-term therapy

Certain issues, like dealing with childhood or recent trauma, may require long-term therapy. As this will be open-ended counselling, it will be less directive and goal-oriented and instead go at your own pace. Some clients are concerned that they will be forced to discuss issues when they are not ready to. This is not the case. Through opening up and addressing issues, you will find that you are ready when the time is right for you.

Five-step family support

If you are close to someone with an alcohol problem, it can be difficult to know where to turn to, and you or the family can become anxious and stressed by the person with the alcohol problem. You have probably found that you've been so consumed by their issues that you've lost focus on yourself and others close to you. Boundaries are important, and this family support approach will help you regain control and set boundaries. Once you have understood your issues and made changes to address them this will in turn help the person with the addiction.

Life coaching

Life coaching can be effective in many situations, for example in helping a person's career direction and development, or for personal fulfillment or life change. Life coaching aims to draw out a person's potential and enables people to move forward. Effective life coaching involves facilitating change, is flexible and allows personal transition on an individual basis it is non-directive. Coaching of this sort makes no assumptions - it's not judgemental, nor is it prescriptive or instructional. Empathy is central to the coaching process. Good personal coaching seeks to help the other person's understanding of him- or herself.

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